Podcast with Dr. Preeti Kulkarni, N.D. on Weight Loss and Naturopathic Medicine

“The most important thing a patient can do is to want to live.” – Dr. Preeti

Welcome to a special podcast episode! Our guest today is Dr. Preeti Kulkarni, the naturopathic doctor who helped me on my personal journey to health. After I visited many other doctors, Dr. Preeti told me to adopt a dog, which changed my life. Her practice promotes using foods in their natural forms, along with other components of holistic health, and is not about selling a program or a product. Listen to this podcast to hear the doctor who I credit with saving my life.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Your exercise program should be enjoyable, include socialization, and be sustainable for the long term.
  • Learn about the differences between medical doctors and naturopathic doctors.
  • Naturopathy includes clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, pharmacology, homeopathy, and Chinese medicine.
  • Naturopathic medicine: Help the body heal itself and get to the root cause!
  • Eric discusses his experiences with medical doctors versus his experience with Dr. Preeti.
  • Dr. Preeti focuses on mental, physical, emotional, and social health.
  • Nutrition is the foundation of naturopathic medicine.
  • Conventional medicine: Diagnose, then prescribe to alleviate the symptom.
  • Conventional medicine often ignores the disease-formation process.
  • Naturopaths dig deep into the patient’s lifestyle, the causes of their problems, and their motivation to get healthy.
  • Exercise should make you feel energized and not tired.
  • Balance is the key!
  • Many patients think it’s normal to feel abnormal. Find your healthy normal!
  • Food is fuel.
  • Change your diet, change your health!
  • Correct deficiencies then maintain health.
  • Weekly visits foster commitment and accountability.
  • Strategies for trying new vegetables!
  • Processed foods change your palate.
  • SPICE up your food and your life.
  • Changing what you eat is much easier than beating an addiction, like smoking.
  • The first 2-3 months are the hardest.
  • 21 days to a new habit.
  • Never backslide to the old ways!
  • The important role that a dog can play in rehabilitation and health.
  • The little things can motivate you.
  • Dr. Preeti’s Healthy Weight Strategy Plan (and what that includes).
  • Counting calories is NOT the answer.
  • Enjoy the shopping and the cooking!
  • If you find yourself traveling down the wrong road, it’s never too late to turn around!


Dr. Preeti Kulkarni, N.D.

Dr. Preeti practices in Cupertino, California. Her website: www.coreintegrative.com. To request a consultation with Dr. Preeti, please call and leave a voicemail at 408-724-1486.

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