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1/30/2017 Episode 1: A new beginning  Episode on iTunes
1/31/2017 Episode 2: Guest podcast with Dr. Preeti Kulkarni N.D. on special issues involving women and weight loss  Episode on iTunes
2/6/2017 Episode 3: Learning to cook without oil  Episode on iTunes
2/13/2017 Episode 4: Eating Out While Vegan and Resisting Peer Pressure  Episode on iTunes
2/20/2017 Episode 5: Basics of Success on a Plant Based Diet  Episode on iTunes
2/27/2017 Episode 6: Enjoying the Flavors and Benefits of a Plant Based Lifestyle  Episode on iTunes
3/6/2017 Episode 7: Having Fun with Friends on a Plant Based Diet Episode on iTunes
3/13/2017  Episode 8: Feeling Better Every Day! Episode on iTunes
3/20/17 Episode 9: The Benefits of Herbs, Spices and Extracts in a Plant Based Diet Episode on iTunes
3/27/17 Episode 10: Health Vegans, Ethical Vegans, and Environmental Vegans, Which are You? Episode on iTunes
4/3/17 Episode 11: Tips for Training Your Dog or Puppy Episode on iTunes
4/10/17 Episode 12: Getting Back on Track From a Cold or Flu Episode on iTunes
4/17/17 Episode 13: Jaye’s 74 Pound Success – a Weight Loss Love Story Episode on iTunes
4/24/17 Episode 14: Increase Metabolism and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes with a Plant Based Diet Episode on iTunes
 5/1/17 Episode 15: Avoiding Processed Oil During Weight Loss Episode on iTunes
5/8/17 Episode 16: Guest Podcast with Melody Chen of Love and Second Chances Rescue Episode on iTunes
5/15/17 Episode 17: Eating Healthy While On the Road  Episode on iTunes
5/22/17 Episode 18: Weight Loss Begins in Your Kitchen Episode on iTunes
5/29/17 Episode 19: Healthy Plant Based Nutrition Versus Vegan Junk Food Episode on iTunes
 6/5/17 Episode 20: Staying Healthy While Traveling Episode on iTunes 
 6/12/17 Episode 21: Changes to Body and Mind from a Plant Based Diet Episode on iTunes
 6/19/17 Episode 22: Testosterone, Manliness, and Plant Based Nutrition Episode on iTunes
 6/26/17 Episode 23: Changing Your Body and Mind with a Plant Based Diet Episode on iTunes
7/3/17 Episode 24: Taste the Rainbow of Plants!  Episode on iTunes
 7/10/17 Episode 25: Dr. Preeti Kulkarni on Hormonal Imbalances and Weight Loss Episode on iTunes