Walking with Peety, the Dog Who Saved My Life, is currently available in eight languages worldwide and as an audio book on Audible. The book is scheduled for re-release in paperback in November 2019. The book has 4.7 stars on Amazon and is featured in the June 2019 Reader’s Digest!


My book Walking with Peety, the Dog Who Saved My Life is featured in the June 2019 Reader’s Digest with eight pages! I’m delighted with the curated selections and photos used in the article.

Walking with Peety is a true American comeback story about recovery, overcoming odds and achieving dreams – between a man who thought life was over and a shelter dog who inspired him to become the person he always wanted to be. The book is filled with stories about hope, an incredible human-animal bond of brotherhood, overcoming chronic disease, and a fairy tale story of lost love between high school sweethearts who reunited 40 years later because of this dog. This book is for anyone ready to change their life, and for everyone who knows the joy, love, and friendship dogs can bring. Walking with Peety is much more than a tale of mutual rescue – it’s an epic story of friendship, strength and unconditional love.

Walking with Peety can be ordered from any on-line bookseller, wherever good books are sold, or through my website.

Please also see these short videos of the Mutual Rescue film/book trailer and my television appearances for more information.

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