Eric O’Grey and Jake on the Rachael Ray Show

Jake and I had a wonderful time traveling to New York and appearing on the Rachael Ray show.  Jake got to ride in the passenger cabin of the aircraft and we stayed in a beautiful hotel across the street from Madison Square Garden.

Jake spent the morning of the show with Rachael’s interns, who totally spoiled him with treats and belly rubs.  Rachael is a wonderful, gracious, genuine and caring person! Jake and I really enjoyed this trip.  Here’s the segment: Rachel ray Show | How One Man’s Furry Friend Helped Him Shed 140 Pounds

Here is the extended Rachel Ray interview:

Rachel Ray Interview of Eric O'Grey and Jake
Rachel Ray Interview of Eric O'Grey and Jake

Eric O'Grey shares his story of how a dog named Peety and a plant-based diet transformed his life.

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