Wags + Weight Loss Episode 26: Saying Yes to a New Lifestyle and New Adventures

Micha hiking the Skyline with Pippen and Moxie.

“The only way you can surpass your limits is by realizing they’re self limitations and stretching them” – Eric

A whole-food-plant-based-no-oil diet will not only improve your outer appearance, but also your physical performance and emotional health. While many take their bodies for granted by mistreating it with poor diet and lack of exercise, the whole-food-plant-based-no-oil lifestyle will show fast results. This lifestyle says yes to new adventures and new experiences you’d never encounter otherwise. So tune into this weeks episode of Wags and Weight Loss with Micha and Eric O’Grey to learn how you can say yes to a new and healthier lifestyle!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Micha’s weight loss results.
  • Eating while traveling.
  • Toxin tolerances.
  • Making excuses to not accomplish your goals.
  • Saying yes to new things.
  • Being in touch with your emotions.
  • Pushing yourself to do new things.
  • Eliminating cholesterol with a plant based diet.
  • Long term benefits of the whole-food-plant-based-no-oil lifestyle.




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