Wags + Weight Loss Episode 24: Taste the Rainbow of Plants!

Micha on vacation!

“Within weeks of transitioning to a plant-based diet, your palate will change, and you will begin to prefer the taste of your new, healthier foods.” – Eric

No one can live without food, and most of us enjoy experimenting with it. So why not experiment with a plant-based diet? Not only do plants offer a healthier alternative to animals, but after you learn your herb and spice combinations and how to cook without animals and oil, they also taste better. In addition to improved taste and health, you can experience many other benefits of veganism in your daily life, such as increased energy, improved mental clarity, and a happier mindset. Tune into this episode of Wags and Weight Loss, with Micha and Eric O’Grey, for a taste of this lifestyle.

What you’ll hear in this week’s episode:

· Micha’s weekly weight loss results.
· Becoming more active and positive.
· Sticking to your diet while you travel.
· Working out and elevating your heart rate for maximum results.
· The importance of recovery.
· Why people, the government, and media aren’t promoting veganism.
· Vegan kick starter plans.
· Making tiny steps to commit to the diet and the transition period.
· The necessity of b-12 and D, what to buy and where to find it.
· Correlating energy and weight.
· Plant based diets and chronic disease reduction.
· The importance of getting outside to boosting your vitamin D levels and happiness.
· Getting vegan options at omnivore restaurants
· Eating until you’re physically full

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