Wags + Weight Loss Episode 20: Staying Healthy While Traveling

Micha celebrates 32 pounds lost on her whole food plant based no oil diet!

“Even if I NEVER lost another pound, I’m NEVER going back to my previous lifestyle.” – Micha

In this week’s episode, Abbie and Micha discuss their up-and-down progress and struggles, especially the challenges of staying on a whole food plant based no oil diet while traveling. Abbie has just returned from recent travels to Japan and Singapore, and Micha plans an upcoming road trip to visit her family. Join us to learn how to eat healthy while on the road.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Why starving lowers your metabolism and yields negative weight loss results.
  • Vegan go-to meals when traveling.
  • The enigma of visually apparent weight loss and smaller sizes, but not necessarily on the scales.
  • The importance of a food journal.
  • The goal: at least 3 meals daily of small, satisfying portions.
  • Abbie’s international travels and the challenge of vegan eating in Singapore and Japan.
  • Meal prep tips to minimize meal preparation time.
  • Letting go of your “food emotions.”
  • “The best ramen I’ve ever had!”
  • What it takes to provide fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • America’s “food terrorism.”
  • Why a naturopathic doctor may be better than a medical doctor for nutrition advice.


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